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  • Duma Tau lion - Botswana safaris prove who's king of the jungle - photo by Dana Allen
  • Jacana elephants in the Okavango Delta by Dana Allen
  • Buffalo surge through the Okavango wetlands
  • A phalanx of buffalo march through the Okavango to fresh grazing on one of the islands a glance

  • big game is legendary
  • expect to pay a high price 
  • plan in advance 
  • "safaris of a lifetime" guaranteed


A Botswana safari will cost a big price but deliver one of Africa’s best travel experiences - guaranteed

This is southern Africa's preferred choice for first-timers advised to take advantage of private concessions and exclusive retreats for a safari holiday. It's a huge unpopulated territory enjoying political and economic stability. Also blessed with impressive wildlife and unspoiled wilderness areas for safaris. Botswana is expensive but worth every cent if planned properly and in advance.

Massive herds of big game have unimpeded access between the watery Okavango Delta and the dry but seasonally rich Kalahari plains. This results in large migratory movements as the seasons change, the rains come and go. Resident predators are always active so that Botswana is viable as a year round safari favourite.

The high season when game tends to concentrate at permanent water sources runs from July to October when the very popular Chobe area becomes quite crowded and the small and more exclusive private camps especially in the Okavango are fully booked.

The quieter "green season" during southern Africa's wet and warm summer months from November through to April is equally productive with a spectacular gathering of migrant birds in the region. For many seasoned travellers to Africa this is the time for exploring both regular haunts and the remoter safari gems in the vast Kalahari wilderness area.

Botswana never disappoints - it's perfectly suited to both first time African visitors and safari specialists seeking remote and secluded safari getaways.

If both time and money were available a full safari in Botswana will cost a small fortune over 3 weeks to do proper justice. It'd include the Okavango Delta and Moremi; Chobe National Park and Savuti; the remote Linyanti/Chobe river system; the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi Pans. An alternative would be to plan successive trips through the years. 

Either way Botswana leaves indelible memories with every guest we host, year in, year out. 

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Botswana safari ideas

Wildlife to look out for

Mana elephant by Trish Berry


Largest land animals on earth, the African elephant used to range widely through sub-Saharan Africa. Despite being threatened by habitat loss and ivory poaching African elephants have healthy populations in east and southern Africa. Best places to see elephants include Mana Pools and Hwange in Zimbabwe, Botswana's Chobe and Linyanti, the Luangwa Valley, Selous, Katavi and Amboseli.

A Kalahari lion paying attention, courtesy Noel Smith


Celebrated in history for their courage and strength when they roamed most of Africa, parts of Asia and Europe. Nowadays the best places to see lions on safari are the Zambezi, Hwange, Okavango and Linyanti - ideally May to November; Queen Elizabeth NP's Ishasha area for tree-climbing lions; Katavi's Kapapa River in September to November; Kidepo Valley in north Uganda.

African wild dog stretching near Ruchomechi on the Mana Pools shoreline

Wild dogs

Also known as Cape hunting dogs, packs of painted dogs roam sparse woodlands and plains in isolated and remote areas. Sightings are never guaranteed on safari but the best chance of finding these endangered canines is in Botswana's Moremi and Linyanti in June; the Selous in July/August; also in the green season in the Luangwa Valley; the Mana Pools World Heritage Site and Hwange.

Best parks

Jacana Island aerial by Dana Allen

Okavango Delta

The Delta has very special wildlife diversity and it’s correctly regarded as one of Africa’s best safari places all year round. Camps and lodges are of exceptional standard. The Delta comes with a high price for deserving rewards – it’s good value if you get it right. There’s no shortage of choice on safari here but the private concessions are in high demand and so plan in advance.

Bull elephant offended by disturbance during a mud bath

Chobe National Park

Chobe is home to the highest concentration of elephants in Africa during the wet and dry season. It's renowned for impressive buffalo herds which sustain a very healthy population of lions. Zebra warthog, kudu, impala, wildebeest and a variety of other game are prevalent. The local bird list exceeds 450 species, so it never disappoints those even on the shortest visit.

Black maned lion by Mike Myers

The Central Kalahari

The Central Kalahari isn't a conventional safari destination by any standard. Most of it’s been closed to the public until recent years, traditional game viewing is challenging during the regular safari season from June to October when migratory game moves north to permanent waters. The “best time to travel” is in fact the most difficult time of year when rains are expected on occasion between December and April!