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  • Red dunes at Sossusvlei courtesy Dana Allen
  • Andersson's waterhole courtesy Caroline Culbert
  • Himba tribesman at Serra Cafema courtesy Dana Allen a glance

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Your camera's unlikely to capture Namibia perfectly but you'll return with extraordinary memories

Of all our safari destinations in Africa Namibia stands out most for its dramatic landscapes. In all respects, Namibia is a photographer's paradise.

The wildlife in Etosha offers some of Africa's iconic wildlife and birding experiences but it's the stark contrast of wide-screen skies and desert landscapes ranging from clean dunes to magnificently rugged mountains that leaves indelible impressions of Africa.

Namibia is easy for budget adventurers on self-drive safaris and the traditional circuit covering the extensive dunelands of Sossusvlei to Damaraland's mountains. Etosha too will tick most boxes for first-timers in Africa.

If you go beyond the obvious however, the haunting desolation of the northern Skeleton Coast and the stunningly wild and sparsely inhabited Kaokoveld offer some of Africa's most extraordinary travel experiences.

Perfectly suitable for independent and intrepid adventurers.

Ideally suited for well-seasoned African travellers who appreciate genuinely rare experiences.

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Most successful safaris in Namibia

Top safari spots in Namibia

Elephants gather around a dry season waterhole

Etosha National Park

You'll find Namibia’s best all round wildlife viewing options here. It doesn't quite compare with southern Africa's traditional safari offerings in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia but for self-drive and do-it-yourself safaris, the roads are safe, it’s inexpensive, easy to arrange and especially productive if done outside of the busy regional holiday period during July and August.

Poliesman, the legendary Hoanib desert elephant courtesy Olwen Evans and Wilderness Safaris


Wildlife is sparse but most of it is unique to the region. If wild-camping in remote and uninhabited wilderness areas hits your buttons then Kaokoveld is the place to explore! Damaraland and Kaokoland are jointly known as the Kaokoveld, more an informal name for the geographic area falling into the politically defined Kunene region in the remote north-western corner of Namibia.

Scenic flight along the Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast

Fewer than 800 outsiders visit the remote, harsh and absolutely breath taking northern Skeleton Coast annually. Access is via light aircraft and you'll be utterly “off the map” for as long as you're there. Expect to pay top dollar for an experience that registers with seasoned African travellers and safari professionals as one of the most exceptional journeys available in Africa.