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The Masai Mara - Kenya’s best known National Reserve, famous for the herds of wildebeest that congregate around the Mara River as part of the annual migration.

The Reserve is also home to the BBC Big Cat Diaries and comprises around 1500 square kilometres of open plains, woodlands and permanent river systems between the Loita Hills in the east and the Oloololo escarpment to the west. 

There's a small selection of lodges and camps offering first class guides, hosting and locations in the Mara - available on a first-come-first-served basis only.

Mara Group Ranches - This is a much larger expanse of Maasai lands abutting most of the Masai Mara Reserve itself.  There are 4 main group ranches (Koyiaki, Lemek/Ol Chorro, Olkinyai and Siana) which make up the conservation area. 

Still a wild area in which there's a fairly delicate balance between Maasai grazing their cattle side by side with resident game.  Predators are generally scarce but there's still good resident game and the "Loita Migration" moves down from the north-east during June/July. 

Outfits in the greater Mara see fewer crowds, are known for their excellent guides and the freedom to explore on foot from excellent camps and lodges.

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Safari recommendations in the Masai Mara

Kenya's Migration safari: A 9 night safari combining Amboseli over 2 nights with a traditional tented camp in the Masai Mara for 3 nights plus a beach getaway on the Kenyan coast.  Available year round except April/May/June with return flights from Nairobi - from $4990 per person.


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