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Also of relevance (but in Tanzania)

The main points of interest in Kenya: 

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Kenya maps

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Safari recommendations in Kenya

Kenya safaris with an emphasis on the Migration in the Masai MaraKenya location map

Kenya's Migration safari: A 9 night safari combining Amboseli over 2 nights with a traditional tented camp in the Masai Mara for 3 nights plus a beach getaway on the Kenyan coast.  Available year round except April/May/June with return flights from Nairobi - from $4990 per person.

In Laikipia and the Northern Frontier District

Ultimate Kenya Safari: An extraordinary 9 night safari combining the best of the Masai Mara, Laikipia and the Northern Frontier District.  This trip takes special advantage of excellent guides in small camps without the crowds.  Highly recommended during June, late September, October, January, February and March - from $6875 this season.

The Northern Frontier Safari: A 12 night safari starting and ending in Nairobi.  Includes 2 nights in Meru, 3 nights in the Laikipia, 3 nights at a traditional tented camp in the Masai Mara plus 3 nights on the southern coastline - from $6490.

Kenya Highlights: A 9 night flying safari including 3 nights at Joy's Camp in Shaba, 3 nights in a traditional tented camp in the Masai Mara ending off with 3 nights on the coast.  Includes all flights and accommodation in Nairobi, available year round except April to mid July - $5290 this season.

Kenya's Wild Frontier: An expeditionary safari focussing on the Northern Frontier District.  A typical 10 day safari combines the Mathew's Range with the Chalbi Desert and Laikipia.  This trip includes fly camping and optional access to Lake Turkana by private helicopter or air charter.  Reserved for intrepid souls....speak to us about the options.

The Great Rift Valley

The Governor's Safari: A 9 night, 10 day safari starting from Nairobi with 3 nights in the Rift Valley followed by 4 nights at Little Governors in the Masai Mara ending with 2 nights on Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria.

The Kenyan Coast

Lamu breaks: ...typical 4 night extensions to the Lamu Archipelago include a taste of unspoiled Swahili culture in Shela village and Lamu town plus a choice of beach getaways on one of the islands, available year round except April and May and include return regional flights from Nairobi ... (currently withdrawn)


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